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Texas (The Point)

Dive enthusiasts will be pleased to explore the captivating dive site known as Texas. Although commonly referred to as Texas, most dives actually start near the Salt Life Point buoy and drift towards Texas. Being situated at the westernmost point of the island, Texas is prone to strong currents, which is why divers typically begin their venture closer to the buoy. The Texas buoy resides at a depth of 40 ft / 12 m, and if currents are present, divers can anticipate being pushed away from the island and out towards the vast blue waters. This can make the dive demanding and relatively short in duration.

Underwater explorers will be greeted with a mesmerizing array of marine life, including massive barrel sponges, stunning gorgonian fans, impressive grouper and snapper, and lively schools of yellowtail, Atlantic spadefish, and barracuda. However, it is worth noting that the presence of strong currents remains unpredictable.

One of the key attractions of this dive site is the convergence of currents from both sides of the island, resulting in a nutrient-rich environment. The top reef predominantly showcases soft corals, while the Texas side of the site earned its name due to the abundance of larger marine species.

Divers can expect optimal visibility of up to 21m and explore to a maximum depth of 22m. Texas welcomes divers of various skill levels, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced divers. Situated in Honduras, this dive site is conveniently located near Meridien, West Bay, Roatán, Bay Islands, 33166, Honduras.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 4, 2023

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Overview of Texas (The Point)

Visibility: 0m - 21m
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