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Bucca Quay

Known as Buca Quay, but commonly referred to as West End Wall, this dive site offers an exhilarating wall drift experience. With its side canyons, chutes, and sand falls, divers can explore the depths starting at approximately 20 meters and descending as they head west or south.

As a diver's favorite, Buca Quay is teeming with abundant marine life. While swimming alongside the wall, keep an eye out to your right for the majestic hammerhead sharks, a sight that never fails to captivate.

As you approach the end of the dive, you'll find the buoy marking the transition from a vibrant reef of hard corals to soft corals – a topic we'll delve into further.

Located in the beautiful country of Honduras, specifically in Meridien, West Bay, Roatán, Bay Islands, 33166, this dive site offers a maximum depth of 23 meters and boasts impressive visibility of up to 27 meters. It is an ideal location for beginners, providing a memorable and accessible diving experience.

Last updated: 9 mo. ago - Oct 4, 2023

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Overview of Bucca Quay

Visibility: 0m - 27m
Experience level:

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