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El Aquario

This dive site offers a thrilling experience for divers seeking a pure deep and wall dive. Whether you choose to embark on a drift dive, navigating the boat channel to Saayas or Lighthouse when heading west or north, or opt for a stationary dive, you won't be disappointed. Despite its name, the mooring is situated at a shallow depth of about 25 ft / 8 m on the top reef. However, a brief swim towards the wall reveals why it earned its name.

Underwater, you'll be treated to a remarkable display of marine life. Giant barrel sponges, tube sponges, azure vases, impressive plate corals, vibrant fans, and various other corals abound in this breathtaking underwater ecosystem.

The wall itself plunges almost vertically, reaching depths of up to 120 ft / 36 m, while the sandy slope extends far beyond what recreational divers typically venture into. This makes it a suitable dive site for divers of all levels, including beginners.

Located in the captivating country of Honduras, specifically in West End, Roatán, Bay Islands, 33166, this dive site offers convenient access to divers looking to explore the wonders of the underwater world. With an impressive visibility of 22m, divers can expect to have a clear view of the stunning marine life and underwater landscapes that await them.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 4, 2023

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Overview of El Aquario

Visibility: 0m - 22m
Experience level:

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