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La Plataforma

This rectangular prism, known as a construction platform, was crucial in the development of the marina at Lake Cala’n Bosch. Located at a depth of 40 meters, just two and a half miles from the Port of Ciudadela in Spain, it stands tall at 3 meters with a length of 25 meters and a width of 15 meters.

Over time, this platform has transformed into a thriving artificial reef, attracting a diverse array of marine life. Divers exploring this site will be treated to the sight of mesmerizing schools of various species, including largescaled scorpionfish, forkbeards, moray eels, groupers, and greater amberjacks. Occasionally, lucky divers may even encounter common eagle rays gracefully swimming by.

To reach this captivating underwater destination, divers descend along the anchor line and strive for a swift descent in order to maximize bottom time. As they explore the depths, they will appreciate the 25-meter visibility and encounter the abundant marine life that calls this artificial reef home. Glass fish and two-banded sea breams add further beauty to the scene.

As divers venture onto the platform's deck, they'll spot greater hermit-crabs scuttling about. The surface of the platform showcases the remnants of the rotating crane tower. Waterwheels that once facilitated mooring and docking are also visible. The cracks on the deck provide a glimpse into the habitat of Mediterranean moray eels, offering an exciting discovery for divers.

For qualified and experienced divers, several hatches allow entry into the interior of the structure to explore the different compartments. Inside, divers will encounter machinery, a network of pipes, electrical panels, and accessible stairs. This area often reveals the presence of large forkbeards.

Due to the depth of the platform, caution must be exercised regarding bottom time. The sides of the platform feature ropes ascending to the surface, some equipped with buoys, requiring careful navigation. Ascending along the anchor line and diligently observing safety stops, divers may be fortunate enough to catch glimpses of majestic sea eagles gracefully soaring nearby.

Safety remains paramount during the dive, and having a safety bottle at 5 meters ensures that additional air is readily available if needed. This exceptional wreck dive, one of Menorca's finest, invites experienced divers to explore its rich underwater heritage.

Location: Cala en Blanes, Ciutadella, Menorca, Balearic Islands, 07760, Spain
Max Depth: 36m
Visibility: 25m
Recommended Diver Level: Expert

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of La Plataforma

Visibility: 0m - 25m
Experience level:

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