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Correc Llarg

Discover the wonders of this easy dive site, located between L'Escala and L'Estartit on the captivating Costa del Montgrí in Spain. Offering a perfect starting point for beginners and an exciting adventure for advanced divers, this dive begins at a conveniently shallow depth.

As you descend, you'll be treated to a mesmerizing wall dive that culminates in a spacious cavern teeming with fascinating marine life. Keep your eyes peeled for elusive crustaceans, curious moray eels, and majestic squirrelfish within this expansive underwater sanctuary. The sandy and rocky bottom provides a prime habitat for scorpionfish, while the surrounding area boasts a vibrant array of algae, creating a captivating underwater landscape.

Prepare to encounter a diverse range of aquatic creatures on your journey, including conger eels, wrasses, and nudibranchs, their vivid colors and graceful movements captivating your senses. If you're lucky, you might even spot a clever octopus blending seamlessly into its surroundings.

With a maximum depth of 18m and visibility reaching an impressive 14m, this dive site offers an optimal underwater exploration experience. Whether you're a beginner seeking a gentle introduction to the wonders of diving or an experienced enthusiast seeking a new underwater adventure, this dive site has something to offer everyone.

Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the underwater realm, forging unforgettable memories at this remarkable dive site along the picturesque Camí de Ronda in Torroella de Montgrí, in the beautiful Lower Empordà region of Catalonia. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary dive experience that will leave you in awe of the mesmerizing wonders hidden beneath the shimmering waters of Spain's Costa del Montgrí.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Correc Llarg

Visibility: 0m - 14m
Experience level:

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