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Madi Miyaru Kanmathi

Located just 5 minutes from Hulhumale Jetty in the beautiful Maldives, this dive site offers an extensive reef for divers to explore. The reef features a steep slope starting at 3-5m and descending down to 25m, with a sandy bottom at depths of 30m and beyond. As you venture further from the reef, the depths increase, making it an ideal spot for advanced and expert divers.

One of the notable aspects of this dive site is the absence of strong currents, providing a more relaxed diving experience. However, due to the presence of significant boat traffic, it is advised to use a surface marker buoy during ascent for safety.

The diversity of marine life at this dive site is truly remarkable. Divers can encounter an array of fascinating creatures, including hammerhead, tiger shark, bull shark, spinner shark, lemon shark, nurse shark, guitarfish, bowmouth guitarfish, stingrays, eagle rays, jackfish, surgeonfish, and many more species.

With a visibility of approximately 13m and a maximum depth of 29m, this dive site offers excellent conditions for underwater exploration. Close to Kaafu in the Maldives, this location promises unforgettable diving experiences for diving enthusiasts.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 21, 2023

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Overview of Madi Miyaru Kanmathi

Visibility: 0m - 13m
Experience level:

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