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Underwater Habitat by Sub Oceanic at Hilton Maldives

Underwater Habitat at Hilton Maldives, created by Sub Oceanic, is a unique project led by our Resident Marine Biologist, Sam Whiting, in collaboration with our experienced Dive Team Leader, "Kudo," who holds an impressive record of over 17,000 dives in the Maldives. This one-of-a-kind dive site offers an exciting opportunity for divers and snorkelers, with depths ranging from 1 to 14 meters and a gentle beach entrance for easy access.

The concept of Underwater Habitat holds a dual significance. The neighboring all-day dining restaurant, called Habitat, complements the underwater experience. Additionally, this site serves as a new reef and shelter structure, providing a home for marine life to flourish. Originally, the area consisted of scattered coral blocks and sandy terrain. During the construction of the resort, however, various debris entered the water. While our dedicated staff diligently removed harmful debris like plastic, non-hazardous materials such as metals and concrete proved beneficial for coral and marine life to settle upon. Our innovative approach, suggested by our Resident Marine Biologist, minimizes CO2 emissions that would have otherwise occurred during debris collection. As a result, we observe rapid progress with new species constantly making this habitat their own.

Enhance your diving experience at Underwater Habitat, situated in the enchanting Kaafu region of the Maldives. With a maximum depth of 8 meters and visibility reaching up to 11 meters, this captivating site is suitable for beginners. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the underwater world while contributing to its preservation.

Visit Underwater Habitat at Hilton Maldives to explore and appreciate this exceptional dive site.

Last updated: 9 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Underwater Habitat by Sub Oceanic at Hilton Maldives

Visibility: 0m - 11m
Experience level:

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