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Churchill, Thunersee

The dive site known as Churchill offers a unique underwater experience with its gently sloping scree and mud slope. Divers will be immersed in a stunning environment filled with an abundance of trees and firs that seemingly appear out of nowhere. However, it is important to exercise caution as some of these trees are partially covered with fishing nets.

The presence of many trees in the area attracts large pike, creating an opportunity for divers to observe these magnificent creatures up close. Additionally, the scree slope is home to various other species such as burbot, bullhead, and perch, providing divers with a diverse and vibrant underwater ecosystem.

To access the Churchill dive site, it is recommended to park at the Oberhofen car park, located opposite the Fitness Park & Indoor Swimming Pool Oberhofen. Please note that there is a parking fee. The car park offers the convenience of changing clothes in a dry environment, making it an ideal choice even during rainy weather. A path leading down to the lake can be found between Oberhofen Castle and the fitness park. As you reach the lower end of the path, slightly offset towards Interlaken, a wide staircase will guide you to the water, marking the entrance to the dive site. It is essential to exercise care while using the staircase as it can be slippery at times.

From the entrance, the dive path leads towards the middle of the lake. At approximately 30m, divers will encounter the first tree, which can be challenging to locate. It is advisable to stay at a depth of 18m and dive towards Interlaken, utilizing the left shoulder up the slope. After a short time, the first majestic tree will appear, adorned in the mystical light of the water. The dive continues to approximately 14m, where the next tree will come into view after a brief period. Unfortunately, the first two trees are entangled with fishing nets, resulting in the presence of some deceased fish. Divers will also find large pike and even burbot among the tree branches, making it well worth spending some time exploring this area.

Continuing towards Interlaken, after approximately 20 to 25 minutes, divers will spot the flag of Schilthorn / Piz Gloria, serving as an excellent turning point. For those who wish to venture further, well-visible tubes will become visible after some time, leading to a water intake at around 8 meters. During the return journey to the exit, divers will encounter more trees ranging from 4 to 8m in water depth. It is crucial to approach these trees with caution as they may be intertwined with fishing nets and barely visible fishing lines. The vicinity of these trees often attracts relatively large pike. Divers can initiate the dive or safety stop around these trees. The exit is easily identifiable from this point.

If divers choose to continue along the shore, they will encounter a majestic fir tree acting as a barrier underwater. Among the branches, there is often a presence of larger fish or schools of English. Once you reach this fir tree, the exit will be shortly after. If sufficient air remains, it is worthwhile to explore slightly above the fir tree, where a seagrass meadow and more trees can be found. It is important to note that the ascent back to the parking lot should not be underestimated, as it involves covering a distance of 150m and ascending some meters in altitude. In winter, the path may be icy, therefore, it is recommended to select a dive site with a more accessible and safer access point.

Dive Information:
- Visibility: The visibility at Churchill dive site is around 5m, allowing divers to have a clear view of the underwater surroundings.
- Maximum Depth: Divers can descend to a maximum depth of 18m while exploring the Churchill dive site.
- Recommended Diver Level: Churchill dive site is suitable for beginners, providing them with an excellent opportunity to explore the underwater world.
- Location: The Churchill dive site is located in Switzerland, specifically in Oberhofen am Thunersee, in the Bern region. The exact address is 11a, Wichterheer, Schloss, Längenschachen, Oberhofen am Thunersee, Horrenbach-Buchen, Thun administrative district, Oberland administrative region, Bern, 3653, Switzerland.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Churchill, Thunersee

Visibility: 0m - 5m
Experience level:

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