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Whibbles Reef

This dive site is a stunning deep water reef filled with a diverse array of marine life. With its mix of hard corals, large sea plumes, and expansive sand patches, this underwater paradise offers a captivating experience for divers.

The top of the reef is located at a depth of 17 meters (50 feet), gradually descending to a maximum depth of 150 feet (51 meters). The depth of this site allows for incredible sightings of large pelagic species, including stingrays, turtles, large jacks, and barracuda. If the current is favorable, divers may also encounter a multitude of smaller creatures.

One particularly enchanting spectacle occurs during the months of July and August when the adult male Quillfinn blenny can be observed in all its vibrant colors, as it searches for a mate amidst the sandy substrate.

Located in Grenada, this dive site offers a visibility of approximately 14 meters. With a maximum depth of 24 meters, it is an ideal location for divers of all levels, including beginners. For those planning a visit, the site is situated in Calliste, Saint George, Grenada (1473). Immerse yourself in the wonders of this deep water reef and create unforgettable memories beneath the surface.

Last updated: 9 mo. ago - Oct 4, 2023

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Overview of Whibbles Reef

Visibility: 0m - 14m
Experience level:

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