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Hudhu Thila offers exceptional macro diving opportunities, making it an ideal destination for divers of all levels. Situated northeast of Le Meridien in the picturesque Maldives, this dive site features a top reef at around 5 meters, gradually descending to a maximum depth of 25 meters. With its enchanting overhangs, Hudhu Thila provides a captivating underwater landscape for divers to explore.

Diving enthusiasts can marvel at the rare pipefish, belonging to the same family as seahorses, along with scorpion fish and nudibranches. Additionally, lobsters, octopus, lionfish, and various kinds of anemone fish, including the endemic Maldivian anemonefish, call Hudhu Thila their home.

Appreciating the intricacies of marine life is the essence of macro diving. It involves capturing the smaller creatures that inhabit the ocean, using specialized lenses for underwater photography. With a visibility of approximately 20 meters, diving at Hudhu Thila allows divers to truly appreciate these remarkable critters.

Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or expert diver, this site offers something for everyone. Its convenient location close to Lhaviyani, Maldives makes it easily accessible to divers seeking a memorable underwater adventure. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Hudhu Thila and discover the wonders hidden beneath the water's surface.

Depth: 5 - 25 meters
Experience Level: All levels

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of HUDHU THILA

Visibility: 0m - 20m
Experience level:

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