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U-1277, wreck

The U-1277, a German submarine from World War II, rests on the sandy bottom 31 meters deep. Located in a North-West direction from Oporto, off Cabo do Mundo, this dive site is just 10 minutes away from Leixões marina. Accessible only by boat, the U-1277 lies to the port side about 45º, with the bow pointing southeast.

Divers exploring this dive site will encounter a diverse range of marine life. Schools of pout, octopus, crabs, conger eels, and lobsters populate the area, while anemones cover the hull. Macro life is also abundant, providing opportunities for observation and discovery.

Scuttled by her crew at dawn on June 3, 1945, the U-1277 surrendered to the Portuguese authorities, along with Captain Lieutenant Peter Ehrenreich-Stever and all 46 crewmen. They spent several years in captivity in England. This U-boat, type VIIC/41, served various flotillas during its operational life. Initially, it was part of the 8th U-boat flotilla as a training submarine until February 1945. It was then integrated into the 11th U-boat flotilla based in Bergen, Norway, as a combat submarine. Departing from Bergen on April 21st, the U-1277 had the mission of patrolling the entrance to the English Channel. Upon receiving news of Germany's capitulation, the crew decided to sail to a neutral country rather than surrendering to the Allies. Thus, Portugal became their destination. No torpedoes were fired, and the entire crew survived the war.

Today, the U-1277 lies partially buried, with the stern hidden under sand. The distinct outer fuselage that characterized u-boats has disappeared, exposing the submarine's pressure hull. Although the bow has disintegrated over time, two of the four torpedo launch tubes remain intact. The conning tower's fuselage has also eroded, revealing the open hatch. However, it is not possible to penetrate the interior as it is filled with sand from bow to stern. Despite these conditions, diving this wreck is straightforward, and navigation is uncomplicated. Surface currents are common, with the bottom current typically weak.

For divers planning to explore this dive site, it is highly recommended to have Deep Diving and Enriched Air Nitrox certifications. The average visibility is around 5 meters, and the water temperature averages 13ºC / 55.4ºF. Therefore, a 7mm wetsuit is advisable. The best season to dive at this site is between June and September.

Located near Lavra, Matosinhos, Porto, Portugal, this dive site offers an exciting and historically significant underwater experience for advanced divers.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of U-1277, wreck

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