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The Outpost

The Outpost is a fantastic dive site in New Zealand, located near Leigh in Rodney, Auckland. With its diverse attractions, this site offers something for every diver. Whether you prefer exploring a sheltered bay or venturing along steep walls teeming with marine life, The Outpost has it all.

While it is typically recommended to dive from a boat, it is also possible to embark on a shore dive with a long surface swim from Leigh. The visibility at this site is around 7m, providing a decent view of the underwater wonders that await you.

As you explore The Outpost, you can expect to encounter a variety of marine species such as Goat Fish, Snapper, Kingfish, Blue Maomao, Rays, John Dory, Crayfish, and the occasional sighting of sharks. The sandy bottom of the site is adorned with scattered kelp beds, creating a picturesque underwater landscape.

A reef runs parallel to the land, extending out to sea. The depth gradually increases from 10m to 20m along the reef, allowing for easy navigation. As you venture further from the shore, the depth continues to increase. If there are any currents, they will become noticeable towards the end of the dive near the edge of the reef. Remember to turn the dive if necessary.

The Outpost is an ideal dive site for beginners, with a maximum depth of 15m. Whether you are just starting out in the world of diving or looking for a new underwater adventure, this site offers a fulfilling experience.

So, grab your gear and get ready to explore the fascinating underwater world of The Outpost in New Zealand.

Last updated: 9 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of The Outpost

Visibility: 0m - 7m
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