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Sesoko Island Labyrinth

Sesoko Island, situated in the East China Sea to the north of Okinawa's main island, is a picturesque dive destination. Connected to Okinawa by the Sesoko Bridge, this small island boasts a circumference of approximately 8 km. Its waters are home to numerous caves, tunnels, and arches, enriching the underwater exploration experience for divers.

Within the island's crevasses, fascinating marine life can be found, including dandelions, red scorpionfish, and five distinct species of clownfish. Additionally, Napoleons thrive in this vibrant ecosystem. The square surrounding the island offers a diverse array of species, such as Red and Blue Crabs, Blue Scorpionfish, and Black and White Gobies. Divers might also catch a glimpse of a school of damselfish swimming gracefully in these waters.

A popular dive site known as the Labyrinth awaits on the island's western side. True to its name, this topographically captivating site features a complex network of crevasses and tunnels. Exploring the intricate terrain of the Labyrinth provides a unique and thrilling experience for divers of all levels.

With an impressive visibility of 18m and a maximum depth of 16m, Sesoko Island offers a suitable environment for divers of beginner level and beyond. This dive spot is located in Japan, specifically in Motobu, Kunigami, Okinawa Prefecture, 902-0225. Immerse yourself in the captivating underwater world of Sesoko Island and discover the wonders that await.

Last updated: 10 mo. ago - Oct 2, 2023

Note: This dive site is not a verified dive site. Please dive with caution. This dive site might have incorrect information by the community.
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Dive Site Overview of Sesoko Island Labyrinth

Visibility: 0m - 18m
Experience level:

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