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USS Emmons (Wreck)

Discover one of the largest shipwrecks in Okinawa, Japan. Located in the northern part of Okinawa's main island, this magnificent dive site is just a 20-minute boat ride away from Kouri Island. As you approach the wreck, you'll also have the opportunity to admire the longest bridge in Okinawa. Resting at the bottom of the water, this legendary battleship stretches 106 meters and remains astonishingly intact.

Even today, remnants of the ship's history can be found within its depths. Countless explosives such as torpedoes, detonators, fuses, gunpowder, explosives, and shells are scattered throughout the wreck. As you explore, keep an eye out for the remains of the massive main guns, screws, machine guns, and soldiers' helmets. A solemn memorial plate is attached to the hull, paying tribute to the vessel's legacy. The surrounding waters also play host to a diverse array of deep-sea fish, including red snapper and eagle stingrays.

Diving at this site ranges from leisurely to technical, accommodating divers of various skill levels. However, it's important to note that the entry to the interior of the hull is strictly prohibited for safety reasons. Additionally, there may be currents present at depths ranging from 35 to 45 meters. To make diving accessible, ropes are conveniently placed at the bow, center, and stern of the boat. For those seeking a challenge, decompression diving is an option, requiring proper training, dive planning, and preparation.

With a maximum depth of 41 meters and visibility reaching an impressive 21 meters, this dive site offers an unforgettable underwater adventure for expert divers. Located in Nakijin, Kunigami, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, it's a must-visit destination for enthusiasts seeking to explore historical wrecks and vibrant marine life. Begin your exploration today and immerse yourself in the rich underwater heritage of this captivating dive site.

Last updated: 9 mo. ago - Oct 2, 2023

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Overview of USS Emmons (Wreck)

Visibility: 0m - 21m
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