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Amilla Fushi

Discover an enchanting reef perfect for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts seeking adventure. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of this dive site, featuring a captivating vertical hole within the reef, reminiscent of a breathtaking blue hole. Scuba divers will relish the opportunity to explore this natural wonder as they descend into the depths and emerge from a stunning cave at the bottom.

Prepare to encounter an array of captivating marine life, including graceful guitar sharks and elegant rays. Take delight in observing the serene passage of turtles and the vibrant abundance of diverse fish species. This idyllic location promises a leisurely dive like no other.

Kindly exercise caution as the reef is located near an island resort. It is customary to encounter fellow divers and snorkelers in the vicinity, so please remain respectful and refrain from approaching the boundaries of the resort property.

Location: Maldives
Visibility: 21m
Max depth: 22m
Recommended Diver Level: Beginner, Advanced

Nearby Location:
Joe's Pizza, Miskki Magu, Baa, 6050, Maldives

Last updated: 9 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Amilla Fushi

Visibility: 0m - 21m
Experience level:

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