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Inmersión de la Virgen

Welcome to our extraordinary dive site in the beautiful waters of Spain. This immersive dive will take you to depths ranging from -18 to -24m, offering a mesmerizing experience like no other. As you explore the depths, you'll be enthralled by the vibrant wall adorned with stunning orange Astroids. Take a moment to descend to the tip of the monkey and admire the breathtaking view from its ridge, where the blue stretches out before you. This awe-inspiring dive has earned its name from an enchanting image of a virgin tucked away inside a small cave.

Prepare to encounter an abundance of marine life as you dive into the depths. Shoals of bogas and lemons gracefully swim around you, with spiny dogfish and mackerel quick on their tails. Keep your eyes peeled for the magnificent groupers, octopus, cuttlefish, shiners, soles, and an impressive variety of nudibranchs. The rich biodiversity of this dive site guarantees a captivating underwater journey.

With visibility reaching up to 10m and a maximum depth of 16m, this dive is suitable for both beginners and advanced divers. Whether you're just starting your underwater adventures or seeking a new challenge, this dive site offers a memorable experience for divers of all skill levels.

Located at Calle El Tablazo, Las Terrazas, Marina del Este, Almuñécar, Comarca de la Costa Granadina, Granada, Andalusia, 18697, Spain, this dive destination is easily accessible and awaits your exploration. Dive into the wonders of this captivating site and discover the beauty and excitement that lies beneath Spain's azure waters.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Inmersión de la Virgen

Visibility: 0m - 10m
Experience level:

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