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Fossen Camping

Divespot Fossen, located within Fossen Camping in Sweden's picturesque Uddevalla kommun, is a popular destination for both beginner and advanced divers. Please note that access to the site is only available when the camping area is open, and a small fee is required. Upon arrival, make your way to the kiosk at the entrance to pay the fee and inform them of your intention to dive.

Parking is conveniently located near the water, allowing for easy transport of your equipment. There is also a dedicated equipment bench for your convenience, as well as a picknick table and fire pit to relax and unwind after your dive. The beach offers a gentle entry into the water, making it accessible to all.

Once submerged, divers can explore the fascinating underwater landscape of Fossen. To the right, a sloping terrain with a mix of silty bottom and rocky patches awaits, reaching a depth of approximately 15 meters. Beyond this point, the bottom transforms into a stunning wall that descends to around 30 meters, offering a mesmerizing backdrop for your dive.

For those who prefer to venture to the left, swimming straight out from the beach will lead you to a captivating wall. Continuing along its path, you'll encounter a crevice at approximately 23 meters, where timid tadpole fish can be spotted among other marine life. It's important to note that unlike the right side, the left side lacks a gradual slope, so maintaining proper buoyancy is crucial.

Be mindful of the surrounding environment, particularly the eelgrass meadow a few meters from the beach. Take care to avoid damaging the delicate eelgrass when entering and exiting the water. During the spring, keep an eye out for the enchanting eelgrass nudibranches that occasionally grace the meadow with their presence.

Facilities are available at Fossen. To find the restroom, head to the far end of the last red storage house on the left side of the beach. Additionally, a defibrillator can be found at the service house located in the middle of the camping area, ensuring the safety of all visitors.

With visibility reaching approximately 7 meters and a maximum depth of 22 meters, Divespot Fossen offers a fascinating and comfortable diving experience for all levels of expertise. Whether you're seeking encounters with crayfish, plaice, lobster, cod, rock gunnel, or cuckoo wrasse, this tranquil dive site will not disappoint. Plan your visit to Fossen and immerse yourself in the wonders of Sweden's underwater world.

Last updated: 9 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Fossen Camping

Visibility: 0m - 7m
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