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Discover the extraordinary beauty of Vatu-i-Ra Conservation Park, Fiji's top diving destination. This secluded marine sanctuary is located in the western part of Fiji, offering an unforgettable diving experience. Explore the mesmerizing underwater world of the park, which is home to numerous captivating dive sites, including the renowned "The Passage."

"The Passage" is Fiji's most iconic dive site, attracting divers from all over the world. This unique underwater pinnacle rises vertically from the seabed, reaching a height of over 2,000msw and breaking the surface at low tide. Prepare to be amazed as you navigate through various swim-throughs and encounter a diverse array of marine life.

Once submerged, you will be surrounded by a vibrant tapestry of soft and hard coral, swaying sea fans, and colorful tropical fish. Extraordinary encounters await you on every dive, with the possibility of sighting hammerhead sharks, eagle rays, humpback whales, and pilot whales. Immerse yourself in this underwater paradise and revel in the exhilaration of exploration.

The boat ride to "The Passage" takes just over an hour, allowing you to swiftly immerse yourself in the wonders of nature. As Fiji's largest conservation park, spanning over 110km², some dive sites may require a slightly longer travel time. Respect and preserve this pristine marine environment as you embark on your diving adventure.

To access the Vatu-i-Ra Conservation Park, divers must obtain an annual membership, which incurs a nominal fee of FJ$15 (subject to change). Rest assured, your contribution supports the ongoing efforts of preserving this remarkable marine sanctuary.

While "The Passage" garners much attention, do not overlook the equally magnificent dive sites within the park, such as Midway Reef, Vatulaca Reef, Charybdis Reef, and Malake Passage. Each of these sites possesses its own unique charm, showcasing Fiji's awe-inspiring underwater wonders.

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary diving experience at Vatu-i-Ra Conservation Park. With maximum depths of up to 23 meters and visibility reaching 24 meters, this diving destination caters to both beginners and advanced divers, enabling them to explore the marvels of Fiji's underwater realm.

For further information on this exceptional conservation park, please visit Start planning your dive adventure today and indulge in the splendors of Fiji's premier dive site.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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