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Bias Tugel

Discover Bias Tugel, a magnificent dive site situated in the south of the Padangbay Ferry Harbor, Bali, Indonesia. This underwater paradise boasts a picturesque flat area adorned with a vibrant mixture of soft and hard coral, forming an ideal habitat for a diverse array of marine fish. The best coral growth can be found between depths of 5 to 15 meters, accompanied by a sandy expanse where you can spot unique varieties of nudibranchs.

Immerse yourself in a world of wonder as you explore the captivating realm of hard and soft coral teeming with an abundance of reef fish, moray eels, green and hawkbill turtles, stingrays, nudibranchs, pigmy seahorses, cuttlefish, octopus, and snake eels. With its enchanting marine life, Bias Tugel serves as an ideal destination for underwater macro photography enthusiasts, offering an opportunity to capture the mesmerizing beauty of various types of nudibranchs, crabs, and pigmy seahorses.

Reaching this captivating dive site is a breeze, as it is a mere 5-minute boat ride away from the shore using a traditional vessel. Dive into the crystal-clear waters and discover the wide diversity of reef fish that call Bias Tugel their home. The site features a gentle slope that gradually transitions into a steep wall at a depth of 27 meters. For experienced divers, this is an unparalleled opportunity to witness the majestic presence of Mola mola, also known as the Oceanic sunfish, as they visit the depths of 30 to 35 meters after the steep wall. These magnificent creatures grace the area between July and October when the water temperature drops below 22 degrees.

Enhance your underwater adventure at Bias Tugel with impressive visibility of 14 meters and a maximum depth of 19 meters. It is recommended for advanced divers seeking a thrilling and rewarding experience. Indulge in the enchanting beauty of this Indonesian dive site, ready to ignite your sense of wonder and leave you with lasting memories.

Close Location: Warung Pari, To Nusa Penida, Padangbai, Bali, Indonesia.

Last updated: 9 mo. ago - Oct 2, 2023

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Overview of Bias Tugel

Visibility: 0m - 14m
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