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Southwest Wall

The Southwest Wall offers an exhilarating dive experience for advanced divers. Plunging deep into the ocean, this steep wall is home to a thriving ecosystem of marine life. You'll find yourself gracefully gliding along mild currents as you witness the mesmerizing sight of schooling juvenile grey reef sharks, numbering anywhere between 20 to 50. Whitetip sharks are also a common presence in this area.

The reef top of Southwest Wall is a continuous feeding ground, attracting a resident school of bumphead parrotfish ranging from 25 to 50 in size. As you explore this sheltered site, keep an eye out for the magnificent barrel sponges, which serve as hosts to playful giant puffer fish. Admire the beauty of the tree corals outside caverns, where nurse sharks occasionally find rest.

Situated on the southwestern edge of the South Atoll, the Southwest Wall also serves as a refuge when the east wind blows hard during the season. Divers often visit this site in hopes of encountering majestic whale sharks, as sightings have been recorded here. With a maximum depth of 15m and visibility of 9m, this dive promises an unforgettable adventure.

Experience the wonders of the Southwest Wall, a truly remarkable dive site that caters to the thrill-seeking diver in you.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 2, 2023

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Overview of Southwest Wall

Visibility: 0m - 9m
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