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Pepe’s Point

Explore the captivating dive site situated at the convergence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. With an entrance located between six and eight meters at the edge of the island platform's cliff, divers embark on a descent without a reference buoy. The cliff descends to a depth of 22 meters, providing a mesmerizing underwater experience. For the more adventurous divers, the journey continues to depths of 40-50 meters.

Underwater enthusiasts will be greeted by an array of fascinating marine life. Keep an eye out for majestic groupers, mesmerizing schools of corvina, graceful lemon fish, sleek barracudas, and elusive lobsters.

What sets this dive site apart is its unique opportunity to explore both the Atlantic and Mediterranean sides. Whether you prefer the Atlantic's rugged beauty or the Mediterranean's tranquility, this site offers unparalleled diversity for divers. The maximum depth of this extraordinary dive site ranges from 40 to 50 meters.

With visibility reaching up to 12 meters, divers can truly immerse themselves in the vibrant underwater world. This dive site is best suited for advanced divers who are familiar with navigating varying depths and currents.

Located near the Lighthouse Tarifa in the Huerta del Rey area of Tarifa, Spain, this magnificent dive site is easily accessible for divers. Embark on an unforgettable underwater adventure at this exceptional location in Spain's Andalusia region. Discover the wonders that lie beneath the surface and create lasting memories in this breathtaking dive site.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Pepe’s Point

Visibility: 0m - 12m
Experience level:

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