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Ngatipa Reef

Discover the captivating dive site in the crystal-clear waters of the Cook Islands. Delight in the breathtaking view of expansive coral formations and occasional sandy patches that make it an ideal destination for divers of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, this reef dive promises an unforgettable underwater experience.

Immerse yourself in a vibrant underwater world as you explore the sea floor adorned with magnificent porites coral formations. These habitats serve as a home to a myriad of colorful marine life, including enchanting Christmas tree worms. Prepare to encounter the ever-charming parrotfish, triggerfish, and the occasional friendly turtle.

Located near the Paradise Inn in Ara Tapu, Pue, Avarua, Te-Au-O-Tonga, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, this dive site offers maximum depths of 18 meters and exceptional visibility up to 25 meters. With its suitability for training purposes and its allure as a second dive of the day, it promises an unforgettable adventure for divers seeking to explore the wonders beneath the surface.

Embark on a memorable dive at this remarkable Cook Islands location and embrace the wonders that await you in this underwater paradise.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Ngatipa Reef

Visibility: 0m - 25m
Experience level:

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