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Manta Point / Makassar Reef

Makassar Reef, also known as Manta Point, is an excellent dive site for both beginner and advanced divers. Located in the central area of Komodo National Park in Indonesia, this site offers a rubble bottom and a maximum depth of 14m. With its drift dive characteristic, Makassar Reef is a great spot for divers of all levels to explore.

One of the main attractions of this dive site is the opportunity to dive with majestic manta rays, which is a must-have experience for every diver. While these gentle giants can be observed year-round in Komodo, the chances of encountering them increase significantly from November to May. During this time, the nutrient-rich waters attract an abundance of mantas, making Makassar Reef the prime location for witnessing their magnificence.

Local dive guides at Karang Makassar, also known as Manta Point, provide thorough briefings before diving, emphasizing proper behavior when interacting with these amazing creatures. It is crucial to respect the marine life and refrain from touching them. Even if you don't encounter mantas, Makassar Reef is home to a diverse array of marine species, including reef sharks, humphead parrotfish, hawksbill turtles, moray eels, and octopus.

Aside from the incredible marine life, divers at Makassar Reef can enjoy the adventure of diving in currents, feeling like superheroes as they navigate through the water. This site is ideal for beginners looking to experience their first drift dive, as well as advanced divers seeking exciting encounters with both large and small species.

With a visibility of 15m, Makassar Reef provides clear waters for an immersive and awe-inspiring diving experience. Located close to Komodo, Manggarai Barat, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, this dive site offers convenient access for divers eager to explore its underwater wonders.

Experience the unforgettable thrill of diving at Makassar Reef, where divers of all levels can revel in the beauty of the ocean and encounter magnificent marine creatures.

Last updated: 9 mo. ago - Oct 2, 2023

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Overview of Manta Point / Makassar Reef

Visibility: 0m - 15m
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