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Gorgonia Boca Chica

Gorgonia is a stunning dive site located just a quick 15-minute boat ride from Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic. With depths ranging from 20 to 60 meters, this site offers a diverse underwater landscape filled with numerous crevices to explore. The underwater scenery is adorned with vibrant vegetation, creating a visually captivating experience for divers.

One of the highlights of diving at Gorgonia is the abundance of marine life. Divers can expect to encounter a wide variety of fish species and crabs residing in the reef. It is not uncommon to come across impressive creatures like large barracudas and schools of fish, adding an element of excitement to each dive.

With a visibility of 22 meters and a maximum depth of 25 meters, Gorgonia is an ideal dive site for advanced and expert divers seeking an unforgettable underwater adventure. Whether you are a seasoned diver or looking to challenge your skills, this location offers a rewarding experience in the crystal-clear waters of the Dominican Republic.

For those planning a dive trip to Gorgonia, it is conveniently situated close to Andrés, Santo Domingo, making it easily accessible for divers visiting the area. Immerse yourself in the enchanting underwater world of Gorgonia and discover the wonders that await beneath the surface.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 4, 2023

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Overview of Gorgonia Boca Chica

Visibility: 0m - 22m
Experience level:

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