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The Canyones, located just 10 minutes by boat from Boca Chica in the beautiful waters of the Dominican Republic, is an exceptional dive site. This vibrant reef offers an array of valleys for divers to explore, with depths ranging from 12 to 27 meters.

Perfect for both beginner and advanced divers, the Canyones boasts an abundance of marine life. Keep an eye out for majestic nurse sharks and graceful turtles that occasionally make appearances. You'll also be treated to the spectacular sight of large schools of fish, a common occurrence here. Don't forget to peek under the rocks for hidden lobsters and glide alongside stingrays in the sandy passages.

When diving from the buoy to the south, you have the option to explore the reef to the east or west. The western part of the Canyones features captivating trenches, while the eastern side presents a continuous and stunning reef. Discover lobsters, shellfish, triggerfish, and an array of other captivating marine species in this thriving ecosystem.

If you venture into the shallow area between 10 and 12 meters, prepare to be amazed by the variety of beautiful shells, snails, and smaller stingrays and flatfish thriving in this tranquil zone.

With visibility of approximately 15 meters and a maximum depth of 22 meters, the Canyones offers a memorable diving experience for divers of all levels. Whether you're a beginner seeking adventure or an advanced diver looking for new discoveries, this captivating dive site is ready to be explored.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 4, 2023

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Overview of Canyones

Visibility: 0m - 15m
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