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Überlingen, Tennisplätze

The shallow water area at this dive site is perfect for beginners and practice dives. The dump is beautifully overgrown, creating an ideal environment for divers of all levels. Depending on the weather and current, visibility can range from one to 15 meters. Moving to the steep wall, you can usually expect good visibility.

As you explore the underwater world, you'll encounter a variety of freshwater fish species. Perch, ruffe, burbot, bluefish, sand smelt, gangue, Arctic char, pike, walleye, and lake trout are just a few examples of the vibrant marine life you can observe here.

This dive site is not only suitable for beginners but also caters to experienced divers. It offers a small rowing boat and a steep wall, providing a thrilling diving experience. The site features a flat slope with a steep drop at around 30 meters. Descending further, you'll find the bottom plunging from 50 meters to over 120 meters.

To reach this diving location, simply turn into Schilfweg from Nußdorfer Straße and drive under the underpass until you reach the parking lot. For navigation purposes, the address is Strandweg 12 in D-88662 Überlingen, Germany. Keep in mind that visibility can vary between one and 15 meters based on weather conditions and currents at the dive site, although visibility tends to be good at the steep wall.

To access the water, start from the parking lot and follow the hiking trail towards the lake. There are two entry points available. The left side offers a more comfortable entry with steps leading into the water within a few meters. Alternatively, you can walk over large stones to the right of the footbridge for another entry option. Please note that the previous trail to the right of the bridge was removed in 2019 during the "glass shipyard" project. Consequently, a modern facility and boat dock were installed in that area, which is reserved for private use. As a result, there is no diving ban within 100 meters of the jetty, as it is not designated for passenger boats according to Article 11.04 of the BSO.

While divers are technically allowed to board, descend, and dive along or under the jetty, it is advised to exercise caution. Despite the legal situation, large vessels frequently dock and disembark at this jetty, primarily from the left according to the "Gläsernen Werft" information. For safety reasons, it is recommended to avoid diving under the jetty and always start and end your dive on the right side. Remember, a ship has more power than a diver, so prioritize your safety. When diving towards the lake from the jetty, you will discover a gully at approximately 15 meters, which expands as you descend. On the west side, there is a beautiful wall dive known as Love Island starting around 50 meters to the right of the jetty at a depth of 30 meters. As you return from the wall towards the entrance, you'll encounter numerous schools of fish in the shallower depths between 3 and 6 meters.

For novice divers or those seeking to hone their skills, the left side of the jetty offers an ideal area. The slope here is shallow, and the vegetation attracts a variety of fish, providing an enjoyable and educational experience.

To summarize, this dive site in Überlingen, Germany, offers diverse opportunities for divers of all levels. The overgrown dump in the shallow water area is perfect for beginners and practice dives, while the steep wall and deep drop cater to experienced divers. Keep in mind the recommended diving safety measures and enjoy exploring the underwater wonders of this unique location.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Überlingen, Tennisplätze

Visibility: 0m - 7m
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