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Tourist Rocks

Discover a hidden gem for divers in the pristine waters of Cheynes, City of Albany, Australia. This dive site may have a tricky shore entry, but the rewards are undoubtedly worth it! After a short 30-meter surface swim, you'll descend into crystal-clear waters adorned with magnificent coral formations.

Unleash your curiosity as you encounter a vibrant array of marine life, including bigeye, old wives, grouper, blue morwong (Queenie), Harlequin, dusky morwong, and an array of uniquely colored nudibranchs. The stunning beauty of these underwater creatures will leave you in awe.

While making your way down to the water, exercise caution along the narrow track, and beware of the uneven and slippery rocks during the entry. This dive site offers two exciting options for the price of one. Choose to explore the left or right side, each offering its own captivating features. Opting for the left side will treat you to an abundance of brain corals, fans, and an overall incredible dive experience.

Keep in mind that this site should be avoided when there is any swell running, ensuring your safety remains a top priority. With a maximum depth of 13 meters and a visibility of 12 meters, this dive spot is ideal for beginners seeking an enchanting underwater adventure.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable exploration as you dive into the waters of Cheynes in Western Australia.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Tourist Rocks

Visibility: 0m - 12m
Experience level:

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