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Kume Island's Popular Dive Site: An Ideal Spot for Advanced Divers

Located in Kumejima, Shimajiri, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, this dive site is highly sought-after by diving enthusiasts. With just a 30-minute flight from Okinawa's main island, you can access this thriving underwater world. A short 20 to 30-minute boat ride from the harbor brings you to a magnificent and rugged rock formation, standing 2 kilometers off the southeast coast of the island.

This renowned spot boasts excellent visibility, reaching up to 26 meters, providing divers with a spectacular view of the marine life. As a tidal passage, it offers a prime opportunity to encounter large fish species. It is particularly famous for being a popular migratory point for hammerhead sharks during the winter months.

Divers who prefer a drift diving experience will find this site particularly appealing. The currents here are known for their complexity and unpredictability, making it an ideal challenge for intermediate and advanced divers. However, due to these challenging conditions, it is recommended that only experienced divers venture into these depths.

Aside from the magnificent hammerhead sharks, this dive site offers another unforgettable experience. During the winter and spring seasons, humpback whales can be observed up close, adding to the excitement and awe-inspiring moments for divers.

Whether you are an expert or an advanced diver, this dive site on Kume Island guarantees an extraordinary adventure in the depths of Japan's waters.

Last updated: 9 mo. ago - Oct 2, 2023

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Overview of Tonbara

Visibility: 0m - 26m
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