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Naufrágio Buenos Aires (Wreck)

The Buenos Aires Steam, which sank in 1890, is an ideal dive site for experienced divers looking for a thrilling underwater adventure. This dive spot offers a range of wrecks scattered at depths ranging from 13 meters to 42 meters, providing divers with a variety of exploration options.

If you're an advanced or expert diver, the Buenos Aires wreck should definitely be on your diving bucket list. However, it's important to note that this site is not suitable for beginners due to the challenging conditions and strong surface currents. Be prepared for a dive with an average temperature of 18 degrees and an average visibility of 3 meters.

One of the notable features of this dive site is the presence of stonefish, which requires extra caution and attention from divers. But with a bit of luck, you may also have the chance to encounter magnificent marine creatures such as lobsters, moray eels, and even eagle rays during your dive.

The wreck of the Buenos Aires is divided into different sections at varying depths. The bow of the ship can be found between 13 and 22 meters, showcasing its anchors, boilers, and various cargo fragments. As you dive deeper, you'll come across a barren section of the seabed until you reach 30 meters, where the impressive steam engines are located. The wrecks continue to be discovered up to a maximum depth of 42 meters, leading to what remains of the propeller.

Among these captivating wrecks, you'll also find a diverse array of marine life, including abundant quantities of rockfish, as well as the chance to spot lobsters, moray eels, and even mating pairs of friars – a true spectacle of underwater nature. And if you're incredibly fortunate, you may even catch a glimpse of cheetah rays gracefully swimming through the water.

Located off the coast of Brazil, this exhilarating dive site near Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, offers a unique and unforgettable underwater experience. With enhanced visibility of up to 8 meters and a maximum depth of 31 meters, divers can fully immerse themselves in the wonders hidden beneath the surface. So, if you're an avid diver seeking excitement and exploration, the Buenos Aires wreck should be your next dive destination in Brazil.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 4, 2023

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Overview of Naufrágio Buenos Aires (Wreck)

Visibility: 0m - 8m
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