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Liafels, Millstätter See

Located on the picturesque north shore of Lake Millstätter See in Austria, divers will find a convenient and comfortable entrance to two captivating diving routes. This dive site boasts stunning features such as lush vegetation and a magnificent steep face, making it a must-visit spot for underwater enthusiasts.

As you explore the shore zone, you'll discover a thriving underwater ecosystem where numerous fish species seek refuge amidst the dense vegetation. Keep an eye out for pike, catfish, and crabs, which can be observed in abundance here. Native to this area, perch and related species add to the vibrant biodiversity of the dive site.

To access this underwater wonderland, head to the parking bay along the B98 between Döbriach and Pesenthein. With space for up to 8 cars and a small meadow offering benches for divers to prepare their equipment, this location ensures a seamless diving experience. The entrance to the dive site involves traversing large stones on a plateau before descending into the depths.

Dive 1 takes you on a thrilling journey to the left, descending rapidly to approximately 8m. Along the way, you'll encounter a prominent rock marked by a buoy, leading you below the milfoil and towards the breathtaking steep face. As you explore depths of 15m and beyond, you'll witness colossal boulders stacked upon each other, creating a mesmerizing underwater landscape. These rocks exhibit striking red hues or glimmer enchantingly under the illumination of your diving lamp, thanks to their high mica content. The wall extends diagonally into the lake, revealing crevices, rubble fields, and overhangs, all inviting you to further explore the depths. In the shallow areas, the underwater world bursts with life. Countless perches and pikes of various sizes gracefully dart in and out of the millennial leaf, while catfish bask on tree trunks or find solace within the crevices of the steep bank slope. Additionally, keep an eye out for vibrant red-eyes, elusive sloes, crabs, and the occasional carp, enriching your diving experience with their presence.

For Dive 2, venture to the right from the plateau entry point, where the terrain slopes more gently, revealing a partially muddy bottom. After approximately 15 minutes of diving, you'll encounter a small steep face adorned with both large and small rocks, creating a canyon-like structure that plunges to depths of 35m before transitioning into sandy expanses. During your return path in the shallow area, you'll navigate through dense vegetation consisting of milfoil and other spawning herbs. The underwater forest occasionally features solitary rocks and sunken tree trunks, adding an element of intrigue to the surroundings. Among this thriving ecosystem, you'll find large groups of perch, as well as small and medium-sized pike, rudd, and roach, all delighting divers with their vibrant presence.

Both dive sites are also suitable for night diving, allowing you to experience the underwater world in a whole new light. With a maximum depth of 22m and visibility reaching up to 5m, this dive site is best suited for advanced divers who are eager to explore and uncover the hidden treasures of Lake Millstätter See.

Plan your next diving adventure at this extraordinary dive site and immerse yourself in the captivating underwater realm that awaits you.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Liafels, Millstätter See

Visibility: 0m - 5m
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