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Kashima Coral Beach

Coral Beach, located on the uninhabited island of "Deer Island" in National Park Special Protection Area No. 7, offers divers a unique underwater experience. The water depth here abruptly transitions from shallow to deep at a steep 45-degree angle, creating a captivating environment for exploration. This dive site boasts a diverse ecosystem, incorporating coral reefs, shallow bays acting as shelters for small fish, and deeper areas in close proximity.

During summer, this area becomes a haven for marine life activity. Schools of yellow croaker frequent these waters, attracting kampachi, horse mackerel, squid, and other predatory fish. Divers can encounter a wide array of species including porgy fish, snappers, groupers, scorpionfish, turtles, rare sharks, rays, frogfish, and flatfish. This site is renowned for the abundance, impressive size, and sheer numbers of fish it offers.

The underwater landscape at Coral Beach is characterized by mesmerizing visual contrasts, making it an ideal destination for divers of all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, you will be captivated by the vibrant carpets of solas sparrows swimming above the seaweed-covered seabed. Deeper sections of the seafloor house various goby species, and schools of rockfish and migratory fish can often be spotted overhead, further enriching the diversity of marine life encounters.

With a visibility of 11m and a maximum depth of 24m, Coral Beach promises an immersive diving experience. Located in Japan's Ehime Prefecture, close to 第1桟橋, 平城高茂岬線, Sotodomari, Ainan, Minami-Uwa County, this dive site is easily accessible for adventurers seeking the wonders of the underwater world. Come and explore the captivating underwater realm of Coral Beach, where the abundance of marine life and striking visual contrasts await divers of all levels of expertise.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 2, 2023

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Overview of Kashima Coral Beach

Visibility: 0m - 11m
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