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1 Gochi Ohanabatake

Introducing the "Flower Garden Site #1," the premier spot within Japan's National Park Marine Protected Area. This enchanting dive site offers a thrilling drift diving experience, though anchoring can be challenging. While the shallow depths of 5m-12m make for easy and safe diving, the powerful currents require careful consideration of sea conditions for a successful dive.

Explore a diverse array of marine life at this exceptional location, including snappers, groupers, scorpionfish, majestic schools of yellowtail snapper, scampi, yellowtail, and even the occasional appearance of sharks and rays. For those seeking more unique encounters, keep a watchful eye among the odontocetes to spot intriguing creatures like the longnose hawkfish, frogfish, and more.

Due to the site's drifting nature, it is advised to plan your dive during periods of favorable currents and ensure no fishing activities are taking place.

Location: Ainan, Minami-Uwa County, Ehime Prefecture, 798-4110, Japan

Last updated: 9 mo. ago - Oct 2, 2023

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