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Escollera y Piramide Radazul

When you enter the water from the bay stairway, you will be greeted by a flat sandy bottom teeming with diverse marine life. This easy dive offers calm waters, excellent visibility (up to 23m), and a delightful experience for divers of all levels. It's a favored spot for underwater photographers.

At a shallow depth of only 15 meters, this dive site boasts over 30 different species. Redhead cichlids, salemas, fulas, breams, lizards, barracudas, trumpets, octopuses, and more await your exploration.

As you descend, you'll encounter a rocky platform approximately 4 meters deep. Here, you'll find various aged fish, green peje, cuttlefish, fulas, and other fish commonly found along the Canarian coasts. Venturing deeper, around 12 meters, you'll be treated to a sandy bottom and a captivating spectacle. Ratfish, octopuses, lizards, spiders, soles, and a wealth of species beckon for discovery in the sand. Keep an eye out for barracudas, jacks, salema, and bream as you swim. With a bit of luck, you may even spot passing mice, stingrays, mantelinas, and sawfish, drawn to the area for hunting amidst the large schools of bogas found in these waters.

At the center of the sandy area lies a collection of rocks known as La Piramide. It's an ideal spot to catch sight of moray eels, roscasios, and nudibranchs. In essence, this dive provides an effortless experience suitable for beginners while offering abundant marine life and unbeatable conditions year-round.

Located on Avenida de Colón, Radazul Bajo, El Rosario, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, this dive site promises a memorable underwater adventure in a beautiful Spanish setting.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 4, 2023

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Overview of Escollera y Piramide Radazul

Visibility: 0m - 23m
Experience level:

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