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Big Reef

Welcome to Big Reef, the most breathtaking and captivating dive site in Bodrum, Turkey. With its diverse marine life and stunning underwater landscapes, this destination offers an unparalleled diving experience.

Starting at a depth of 7 meters (25 ft), divers can easily descend using the convenient anchor chain, reaching the top of the reef. As you explore the site, you'll encounter a magnificent wall that extends towards Black Island, dropping straight down from 7 to 34 meters.

Prepare to be amazed by the vibrant array of marine creatures that call Big Reef their home. From octopuses and moray eels to small fish, gigantic groupers, barracudas, and jacks, the waters teem with life. You'll also encounter colorful slugs, spiny lobsters, and various other fascinating species.

Photography enthusiasts will find the wall at Big Reef particularly captivating, as it boasts an abundance of marine life. Capture the beauty of this underwater wonderland while immersing yourself in its rich diversity.

Conveniently located just 20 minutes away from Bodrum, Big Reef is easily accessible and promises an unforgettable diving adventure. So, gather your gear and get ready to explore the depths of this remarkable dive site.

Explore Big Reef in Bodrum, Turkey and witness the breathtaking beauty that lies beneath the surface.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Big Reef

Visibility: 0m - 20m
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