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Bajo de Piles I Marine Reserve

The dive site known as Piles I is a large bar-shaped rock that stretches for approximately 75 meters in length. It is situated in the water with a west to east orientation. This dive spot offers divers various routes to explore, surrounded by other rock formations in close proximity. Notable nearby formations include the Piedra del Francés to the north and the Dos Hermanas to the north-east.

When diving at Piles I, divers will be amazed by the impressive size of the groupers, as well as the abundance of moray eels and pollacks that often gather in large schools amidst the blue waters. Additionally, divers may encounter banks of mojarras, bream, and dentex during their exploration.

Located within the reserve, Piles I is positioned between the Bajo de Morra and the Bajo de Piles II. Accessible by boat, it takes approximately 15 minutes of sailing from the port towards Islas Hormigas—a scenic route. The dive spot derives its name from the ship that surveyed it in the last century, as the ship itself was called Piles. The anchorage leads down to a maximum depth of -10 meters and varies based on the shallower areas surrounding it, ultimately reaching a maximum depth of 27 meters.

Piles I is suitable for divers of all levels, with the shallowest part averaging around -12 meters and gradually descending to a sandy and rocky base at -27 meters. The north face of the rock formation gently slopes, while the south face drops abruptly to a sandbank. On the east face, divers will discover two small rocks known as "Dos Hermanas," rising from depths of 25 to 18 meters in a north-eastern direction from the Bajo. Furthermore, swimming away from the anchorage towards the north, divers will encounter the "Piedra del Francés" (Frenchman's Stone)—a smaller formation located approximately 5 minutes away from the main site. At this spot, divers will be astounded by the larger size of the groupers and the significant presence of moray eels, as well as the occasional formation of large shoals of pollack in the open water. Other marine life in the area includes banks of mojarras, bream, and dentex. During the breeding season, the shallow parts of the rock formation are teeming with Fredis and castanets, creating a captivating sight. Additionally, exploring the crevices might lead to surprising encounters with hermit crabs and other fascinating crustaceans. On the less steep north side of the rock, divers may even catch a glimpse of majestic sea hares.

Diving at Piles I offers not only a variety of captivating marine life but also the opportunity to observe other pelagic species common to the marine reserve, such as spits, milks, and if lucky, the occasional visit from sea eagles or sunfish. It is highly recommended for divers to visit this dive site multiple times to fully appreciate its different routes and experience the diverse underwater scenery it has to offer.

Dive Site Information:
- Visibility: Up to 13 meters
- Maximum Depth: 22 meters
- Recommended Diver Level: Beginner, Advanced, Expert
- Country: Spain
- Close Location: Isla del Ciervo, Cartagena, Campo de Cartagena y Mar Menor, Region of Murcia, 30385, Spain

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Bajo de Piles I Marine Reserve

Visibility: 0m - 13m
Experience level:

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