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Asia (Wreck)

Dive Site: Wreck Dive at Asia

Explore the captivating Asia wreck dive site located near Punta del Pecoraro in Civitavecchia, Italy. This extraordinary dive offers immersion for educational, specialty, or naturalistic purposes. With its meticulous preservation in accessible areas according to safety standards, the Asia wreck is a must-visit for advanced and expert divers.

The Asia wreck rests on the ocean floor at a maximum depth of 35m, providing an exciting challenge for skilled divers. As you descend, the visibility, typically around 7m, varies with weather conditions and currents.

Once you reach the wreck, a thorough briefing on the ship's configuration and safety plan ensures a smooth and secure dive. The descent into the water is a moment of pure relaxation, supported by the diving center's professional guidance.

The wreck stretches approximately 50m in length and 12m in width, creating a captivating underwater microcosm teeming with marine life. As you navigate around the ship, you'll encounter an abundance of fascinating creatures, including sea bream, anthias, grouper, conger eel, moray eel, lobster, amberjack, mola mola, snappers, nudibranch, and astrospartus.

To optimize your dive experience, the use of nitrox is highly recommended. This enriched air mixture extends your dive time, allowing you to explore the wreck in all its entirety. In moments of good visibility, you may even feel as if the ship is alive, thanks to the bubbles of other diving groups exploring the area.

The wreck is adorned with various notable features such as winches, hatches, portholes, towers, and jacks. These structures, along with the abundance of nudibranches, flabelline, cratene peregrine, anemoni jewel, gorgonie, alicia mirabilis, and astospartus Mediterranean, create a mesmerizing backdrop for your dive. Even the most observant divers will be captivated by the frequent encounters with these unique marine species.

As you continue your underwater journey, you'll come across sedentary sharpsnout bream and ever-present groupers. Conger eels wait patiently, welcoming your visit. Moving towards the aft part of the wreck, you'll encounter schools of blue whiting, more abundant during winter months.

Keep an eye out for the stunning anthias swarming the large central funnel, turning the area into a vibrant display of orange hues as you pass by. From June to August, you may be fortunate enough to encounter the magnificent sunfish, adding to the wonder of your dive.

The rich biodiversity near Civitavecchia guarantees an impressive dive experience. However, it's important to note that occasional limited visibility of around 4-5m may occur, particularly during the central winter period.

For recreational divers, the Asia wreck offers areas of easy access that comply with safety standards. These accessible sections provide an opportunity to appreciate the beauty and charm of this remarkable dive site.

Due to its allure and technical significance, the Asia wreck is frequently chosen for advanced technical courses and recreational wreck dives. This speaks volumes about the site's popularity and the unique experience it offers.

As you reach the end of your dive, you'll transition to a comfortable phase with the ascent cable guiding you back to the surface. Take a moment to admire the possibility of encountering predatory fish chasing the cloud of small fish near the central chimney.

If you visit during July and August, you'll be treated to the breathtaking spectacle of massive anchovy schools, accompanied by the swift hunting of small tuna or hungry snappers.

In conclusion, we highly recommend the Asia wreck dive to divers with advanced certification and above, especially those interested in exploring the technical disciplines. Discover the secrets hidden within the depths and immerse yourself in the wonders of this captivating underwater realm.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Asia (Wreck)

Visibility: 0m - 7m
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