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The Corridor (Wreck)

Welcome to the Corridor Wreck Trek, a drift diver's paradise in Palm Beach County, Florida, United States. This incredible dive site is renowned for its abundant marine life, including magnificent Goliath Groupers, graceful sea turtles, majestic stingrays, and even the occasional reef shark in the distance. What sets the Corridor Wreck Trek apart is the fascinating collection of six wrecks, each offering a unique underwater adventure for advanced and expert divers.

Let's dive into the first wreck on this thrilling trek - the Ana Cecilia. Sunk on July 13, 2016, this 629-ton freighter ship has quickly become a haven for Goliath Groupers. Stretching 170ft in length and boasting a 40ft width, the Ana Cecilia features numerous modified cargo areas perfect for exploration. Follow the rebar 300ft to the north, and you'll reach the next wreck on the journey - the Mizpah. This Greek luxury liner, built in 1926 and sunk in 1968 as an artificial reef, stands upright and intact, except for a split in the upper deck. Divers flock to the Mizpah to witness the impressive seasonal aggregation of Goliath Groupers. From August to October, up to 30-50 of these massive fish can be spotted resting on the bow or swimming alongside the wreck. Capture this awe-inspiring sight with your camera and treasure the encounter with these protected species.

Continuing northward, approximately 100 yards from the Mizpah, lies the PC 1174. Once a military patrol craft, this 165ft wreck rests upright in two sections, waiting to be explored. Traverse the rock pile path beyond the PC 1174, and you'll arrive at the mesmerizing Amaryllis. Measuring a staggering 441 feet in length with a 57-foot beam, the Amaryllis met its fate during Hurricane Betsy on September 7, 1965. Thanks to the efforts of the West Palm Beach Fishing Club, it now serves as an artificial reef, attracting sea turtles and occasionally presenting the opportunity to catch a glimpse of a reef shark gracefully swimming by in the distance.

As you continue your journey to the north, you'll encounter the China Barge, an inverted barge spanning approximately 80ft in length, followed by the Brazilian Docks, an assortment of concrete dock rubble and culverts. These sites offer incredible opportunities to observe the enchanting moray eels, the elusive nurse sharks, and a variety of vibrant tropical fish.

The Corridor Wreck Trek guarantees an unforgettable diving experience with an impressive maximum depth of 26m and excellent visibility of 16m. It's a must-visit destination for advanced and expert divers seeking exhilarating drift dives and remarkable encounters with marine life. So, prepare your gear, explore the depths, and immerse yourself in the wonders of the Corridor Wreck Trek in Palm Beach County, Florida, United States.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 4, 2023

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Overview of The Corridor (Wreck)

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