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Magnolia Rocks

Parking at this dive location is convenient, but entering the water can be challenging due to the presence of large and unpredictable swells. Conditions here can change rapidly, requiring caution and expertise from divers. However, the rewarding experience that awaits underwater makes it well worth the effort, especially for experienced divers.

This dive site is known for its excellent lobstering opportunities. Lobsters often seek shelter in the small crevasses that characterize this area, providing divers with a thrilling experience.

Located at the end of Lexington St on Magnolia Point in the United States, this dive site offers parking options towards the end of the road. The entry may pose some challenges due to rocks and swells, but once you are in the water, and unless conditions suddenly worsen, the dive should proceed smoothly. Keep a lookout for lobsters hiding amidst the picturesque bottom topography. The depth of the dive will reach approximately 45 feet, offering divers a moderately deep exploration. Additionally, be mindful of fishermen who occasionally cast from the nearby rocks.

For optimal diving conditions, it is recommended that divers possess an advanced level of expertise. The visibility at this dive site averages around 6 meters, allowing for decent underwater views. With a maximum depth of 11 meters, divers can explore the diverse marine life that thrives in this location.

If you are in the United States, specifically in the Magnolia area of Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts, this close-knit dive site at 35 Shore Road offers an exciting underwater adventure.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 4, 2023

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Overview of Magnolia Rocks

Visibility: 0m - 6m
Experience level:

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