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Fish Rock Cave

Fish Rock Cave is the premier ocean cave dive site in Australia, located in New South Wales. With a length of 125 meters, the cave runs right through Fish Rock, offering an unparalleled diving experience. Positioned along the path of the East Australian Current (EAC), the site benefits from warm and crystal-clear water, attracting a diverse range of temperate and tropical marine species.

Prepare to be amazed by the abundance of marine life at Fish Rock Cave. On most days, you can encounter 20-30 Grey Nurse Sharks, along with an abundance of Wobbegong sharks, Turtles, and Rays. The unique ecosystem of Fish Rock sets it apart, with the temperature inside the cave always at least one degree warmer than the surrounding ocean, ensuring suitable conditions for various species. The entrance of the cave, at a depth of 12 meters, is a spacious and naturally lit cavern adorned with vibrant pink gorgonian corals. This area teems with marine life, creating an immersive and memorable dive. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the bubble cave, where you can communicate with your dive buddy while submerged five meters underwater.

For a deeper exploration, the entrance at 24 meters opens up to the main section of the cave. Here, you may encounter resident black cod, majestic wobbegong sharks, black rays, and giant cuttlefish. The presence of Grey Nurse Sharks can be enjoyed at Fish Rock throughout the year. During the summer months, these magnificent creatures rest in the shallow cave entrance, offering an awe-inspiring sight even for the most seasoned divers. It's an ideal moment for photographers, both novice and experienced, to capture striking underwater images.

Around Fish Rock, the average depth varies between 15 and 30 meters. Deep gutters create ideal gathering spots for the sharks and other marine creatures that call this area home. The western fringe of Fish Rock benefits from the currents that attract a diverse range of marine life, including fish, turtles, moray eels, and the friendly blue groper. On the eastern side of Fish Rock, the dramatic sheer walls descend to an average depth of 30 meters. This area is rarely affected by strong currents, offering a tranquil and picturesque underwater landscape. Among the boulders that resemble small houses, you can find camouflaged Wobbegong sharks and clouds of Bullseyes.

To the north of Fish Rock, a pinnacle rises 30 meters from the sea floor almost reaching the surface at a depth of 7 meters. This pinnacle is considered one of the best dive locations at Fish Rock. You can encounter Turtles, Grey Nurse Sharks, Giant Queensland Groper, and a remarkable diversity of fish life here.

Fish Rock Cave is suitable for divers of all levels, from beginners to advanced. With a maximum depth of 24 meters and a visibility of approximately 14 meters, it promises an unforgettable diving experience. Book your dive at this incredible Australian dive site today.

Last updated: 9 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Fish Rock Cave

Visibility: 0m - 14m
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