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El Planchón

Depth: 10 meters (30 feet)
The wreck at this dive site is 30 meters long, 12 meters deep, and extends 2 meters above the seabed. Over time, it has become a thriving habitat for a wide variety of organisms, making it an attractive spot for fish and sharks seeking shelter.

This historic wreck, which is approximately 70 years old, is teeming with marine life such as barracudas, jacks, grunts, groupers, and even sea horses. Its rich biodiversity makes it a captivating destination for underwater photography and videography. The excellent light penetration at this depth enhances the quality of images and videos captured here.

Situated on a coral plain at a depth of 10 meters, this wreck is an unparalleled location for divers of all experience levels to explore. It offers exceptional opportunities to observe the diverse array of invertebrates and fish species that have made it their home. With its convenient location and varying depths, divers can enjoy extended bottom times.

Additionally, the surrounding reef provides a breathtaking spectacle as natural gas bubbles rise to the water's surface, creating an enchanting display for divers. Damselfish and Kreoles can be observed playfully interacting with these bubbles, adding to the overall charm of the dive site.

With a visibility of approximately 10 meters, a maximum depth of 11 meters, and suitable for divers of all levels (beginner, advanced, and expert), this remarkable dive site in Colombia promises an unforgettable underwater adventure.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 4, 2023

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Overview of El Planchón

Visibility: 0m - 10m
Experience level:

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