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Bronsbergenmeer Noord

Bronsbergenmeer North offers a delightful diving experience with its captivating clay structures. Explore the underwater world along the clay wall and marvel at the magnificent blocks illuminated by sunlight. The diverse marine life includes an abundance of pike, carp, and other smaller fish species. With its varied landscape, Bronsbergenmeer guarantees an exciting dive.

During your dive, you'll encounter a variety of fascinating aquatic creatures including pike, perch, pos, eel, small mud crawlers, triangular mussels, bait shrimp, cooker yokes, and freshwater lobsters. The incredible biodiversity at Bronsbergenmeer ensures a memorable diving adventure.

Bronsbergenmeer is renowned for its vibrant marine ecosystem, stunning clay formations, and intriguing underwater objects, including two practice platforms. With excellent visibility, ample diving facilities, and a convenient water entry point near the dive center, it's a diver's paradise. The lake features a gradual slope, leading divers to a polyester boat located approximately 4 to 5 meters underwater. Follow the natural descent to a depth of 7 meters to reach the first wall. This wall rises from twenty centimeters to two meters and showcases fascinating collapsed sections. At the bottom of the wall, in the deeper area, you'll discover large clay blocks. Don't miss the opportunity to observe the impressive pike and perch nestled within cages between five and seven meters. These cages are beautifully adorned with vegetation and teeming with life, having transformed into a thriving habitat within the lake. If you have an affinity for smaller aquatic life, be prepared to encounter enchanting penguins (three species), freshwater shrimp, polyps, triangular mussels, and freshwater sponges. Keep an eye out for the Caspian species, known for its adorable red belly, as well as the bait shrimp.

Managed by the Municipality of Zutphen, Bronsbergenmeer offers an exceptional diving experience that caters to beginner, advanced, and disabled divers. For those diving in the north lake, no permit is required, while diving in the other lake necessitates permission from the owner. The dive site provides various facilities, including a diving center, filling station, toilets, and a restaurant. Please exercise caution near the walls as some areas have collapsed due to heavy diver traffic. Expect increased activity from swimmers during the summer months. Please note that tents, barbecues, and similar recreational activities are not allowed at the site.

In case of emergencies, the nearest first aid post can be found at Bronsbergenmeer. For diving equipment needs, the closest filling station is located at Diving center Bigbubbles on Bronsbergen 25, 7207AD Zutphen. Explore the enchanting underwater world of Bronsbergenmeer and create lasting memories in the Netherlands' beautiful dive site.

Visibility: 4m Max depth: 9m
Recommended Diver Level: beginner
Country: Netherlands
Close Location: Den Elterweg, Zutphen, Gelderland, Netherlands, 7207AD, Netherlands

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Bronsbergenmeer Noord

Visibility: 0m - 4m
Experience level:

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