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Bear Lake Cisco Beach

Bear Lake in Utah is a remarkable dive destination for enthusiasts seeking size and depth. Located off the eastern shore is Cisco Beach, a prime spot known for its quick drop-off, stunning rock formations, and cliff-like edges perfect for exploration. Regardless of the season, the water temperature remains cold year-round, with surface temperatures averaging around 60°F/15°C.

Beyond the diving experience, the local area offers excellent camping opportunities, and non-divers can enjoy a day at the beach. During dives in Bear Lake, divers will have the chance to encounter various species of large fish, including sculpin, whitefish, bass, and trout.

To ensure a safe and verified diving experience, it is recommended to obtain a QR code from your local dive shop, as Bear Lake does not provide one. This code will be used for verification purposes.

Extra Information:
- Visibility: 6m
- Max depth: 14m
- Recommended Diver Level: beginner, advanced
- Country: United States
- Close Location: North Cisco Road, Rich County, Utah, United States

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Bear Lake Cisco Beach

Visibility: 0m - 6m
Experience level:

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