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Discover the captivating underwater world of a former lignite quarry at Barbora Lake in Czechia. This stunning dive site originated as a residual pit after brown coal mining and was naturally filled in the 1970s. With its vast area of 55ha and a maximum water depth of approximately 60m, Barbora Lake offers a diverse range of underwater attractions to explore.

As you descend into the crystal-clear waters of Barbora Lake, you'll be greeted by an array of man-made treasures. Delve into the depths and discover a caisson, a car wreck, statues, and even a training platform. These submerged structures provide not only an enthralling diving experience but also serve as important habitats for aquatic life.

Beneath the surface, the lake's bottom predominantly consists of clay, creating a unique environment for various species of fish. From graceful grass carp to elusive trout, you'll encounter a plethora of aquatic life during your dive. Other species such as bream, carp, tench, perch, roach, pike, eel, catfish, pond clams, and crayfish also call Barbora Lake home. Don't miss the chance to observe these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat.

With a visibility of 4m and a maximum depth of 24m, Barbora Lake is suitable for divers of all levels. Whether you're a beginner looking to explore underwater wonders or an advanced diver seeking a new challenge, this dive site has something to offer everyone. Even expert divers will find themselves captivated by the beauty and intricacies of Barbora Lake.

Located in Oldřichov u Duchcova, Jeníkov, in the Ústecký kraj region, Barbora Lake is easily accessible. Its close proximity to the town of Teplice, in the Northwest of Czechia, makes it a convenient destination for divers seeking a thrilling underwater adventure.

Uncover the hidden treasures and vibrant aquatic life that await you at Barbora Lake. Dive into the depths of this remarkable dive site and create unforgettable memories in the underwater realm.

Last updated: 8 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Barbora

Visibility: 0m - 4m
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