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Apostelsee, Ettenheim

The Apostelsee, located near Ettenheim in South Baden, Germany, is a stunning diving spot that attracts anglers, swimmers, divers, and nature lovers alike. As a precious jewel of South Baden, it is important for all visitors to respect and preserve the beauty of this lake.

To ensure the safety and harmony of all users, the lake has been divided into different zones. Anglers have their designated area, separate from the bathing and diving zone. The fallen trees in the water serve as spawning grounds and shelters for the fish, so it is strictly prohibited to dive under them.

For divers, it is essential to carry a compass at all times to prevent unintentionally entering the fishing zone. Training and exercises should never be conducted in areas with vegetation; instead, stick to pure gravel areas. Maintaining a proper distance from the lake bottom and above flora is crucial to avoid stirring up soil or damaging plants.

Divers of all levels (beginner, advanced, and expert) with a recognized diving license are welcome to explore the designated diving area of the Apostelsee. It is important to adhere to the guidelines set by recognized diving associations and always dive at your own risk. The use of diving equipment that meets the CE standard and has been inspected by TÜV is mandatory.

To ensure a peaceful and cooperative atmosphere on the lake, divers are encouraged to contact anglers in the diving zone before beginning their dive. Mutual consideration is paramount for everyone's enjoyment. The diving areas are marked underwater by buoys, and it is important not to venture further south into the fishing zone.

Night diving is restricted on most days for nature conservation reasons, except on Tuesdays and Thursdays. From December 15th to March 15th, night diving is prohibited altogether. Scooter diving is only allowed for divers with disabilities.

Any fish and game offenses observed by fellow divers should be noted and immediately reported to the police, as we rely on mutual control and education. Additionally, it is crucial to refrain from diving under fallen trees, as they are important for the conservation of the fish population.

Onshore, certain activities are strictly forbidden to protect the environment. These include interfering with nature, having campfires and barbecues, organizing loud parties, camping, spending the night, operating compressors and emergency generators, handling hazardous substances, and improper garbage disposal. It is also important to keep dogs on a leash and maintain a distance of at least 15 meters from the shore when navigating the lake with SUPs, air mattresses, or inflatables.

For any inquiries or questions, please reach out to local diving centers or visit the dedicated Facebook account, "Apostelsee Tauchplatz," which serves as a platform for information and communication related to the lake.

Experience the beauty of the Apostelsee, a remarkable diving destination in Germany, where divers can explore its maximum depth of 18 meters and enjoy visibility of up to 6 meters. Let's all work together to preserve this precious natural treasure for future generations.

Last updated: 9 mo. ago - Oct 3, 2023

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Overview of Apostelsee, Ettenheim

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