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About the author

Hello! I'm Pop, a freediving lover who's excited to take you on a journey under the sea. I'm just a regular person who's found a special place in my heart for the quiet beauty of diving deep without a tank.


SSI Instructor & Author


Trained Freediving Teacher with SSI


Freediving, Mermaid

Last updated:

November 21, 2023

Portrait of Pop, SSI Instructor & Author

My Learning Path

I'm lucky enough to have been trained as a freediver with the folks at SSI. They taught me everything I need to know to make sure we're safe and having fun under the water. I learned how to hold my breath, follow safety rules, and use the right gear for our adventures.

My Love for Freediving

The first time I dived, I knew I found something special. Freediving is my way to get away from it all and feel close to the amazing ocean. I'm just like you, someone who enjoys the peaceful and exciting moments underwater.

Adventures to Remember

I want to take you on freediving trips you'll never forget. We'll see beautiful fish and corals, meet amazing sea creatures, and maybe find some hidden surprises. I believe the best part of freediving is the fun we have just being in the water.

Always Learning More

I believe it's important to keep learning and getting better. I might not be the most famous diver, but I'm always excited to learn more and share it with you. I'm always checking out new ways to freedive and what's happening in the diving world. I want to make sure you have the best time freediving with me.

Sharing Freediving with You

Writing for Dive Champ is a dream come true because I get to talk about freediving with you. I write articles and guides that are easy to understand and fun to read. I hope to get you as excited about freediving as I am. Let's start this amazing journey together, ready to explore and have a great time.

So, are you up for a fun dive under the sea? Let's enjoy the simple joy of freediving and make some awesome memories.

Pop Your Buddy at Dive Champ